1. Recent branding for a new club event in Perth ‘HYFR’.

    ~stay tuned~


  2. A song I made with my friend Andre Bonanella 

  3. A recent photo shoot I did for the re-release of the original GMTA skateboards college logo graphic (graphics not done by me).

    Ben Bowring and Luca Prestini

  4. Event poster I did recently for ‘FIRST DROP’

    Come on down. 


  5. Custom hand made logo ‘#IVplay’ and poster design for Flawless nightclub in Subiaco.

  6. Promo design I did for a new event at Flawless Nightclub in Perth(The Weeknd Re-work) 

  7. -Connor Harrington 

  9. Great White Shark - Fine liner 


  10. Facebook Page is Up!